Focused on Pan Tilt Zoom Security Cameras.
Make Surveillance Mobile.
SUNBA® was founded in 2014 to manufacture and provide the best integrated pan tilt zoom security cameras to global residential and business owners; we aim to elevate and enrich the aspects of surveillance products with the world’s leading high-performance PTZ cameras.

Before becoming Sunba, the group of co-founders have been working in the PTZ video product line for 8 years and been providing OEM and manufacturing service to known global security distributors including Honeywell, Night Owl, and Pelco. Ever since 2014, Sunba has helped hundreds of thousands of households and businesses expand their view and perspectives of conventional surveillance monitoring with its advanced pan tilt zoom cameras.
Sunba is exceptionally strong in high-end PTZ cameras that can rotate 360 degrees horizontally and at least 90 degrees vertically. Being focused allows us to fully utilize our resources and put all of our efforts to expand the capability of existing PTZ dome cameras. Sunba is committed to creating all-in-one solutions for our PTZ cameras, which are able to aggregate multi-features such as 20x optical zoom, audio, PoE, high speed rotation, upward tilt, outdoor weatherproof, long range infrared and p2p cloud communication together. To test and maintain the stability of our pan tilt zoom models, Sunba QA laboratory picks sample cameras out of each batch and runs continues PTZ actions for 1,000,000 times.
The diversity of products is extremely important to meet the needs of different property owners. No matter what you want, you will always find a personal match among Sunba family. A multi-functional and expensive unit may be cool, but picking the right unit that fits your need is our task. In certain cases, we are able to customize for you and integrate features you like while make a great savings.
Sunba believes that you cannot build trust without honesty. A qualified corporation needs to recognize its weakness and strength and grow on the right track. Sunba is proud of our advantages but also fully acknowledges criticism from our users; we learn and hear from our valued customers and grow one step at a time. Sunba staff is always happy to provide complimentary consultation on surveillance products produced by other manufacturers. Honesty helps us improve and this sets the principle of Sunba.
Sunba encourages all forms of suggestions. In fact, being a young company means people are generally critical about your products, or may have various types of questions or concerns.
We are learning and we are growing. Communication is the most powerful and effective tool for us to learn from you and for you to get familiar with Sunba.
So, please talk to us.