Dealer’s Program

A Glimpse of Sunba PTZ Camera Factory


Actively Searching Partnership with Local Distributors/Installers

We are interested in looking for long-term relationship with security camera installation/distributor professionals all over the world.

Although we strive to provide the best service to our customers, sometimes the struggle exists when a problem has occurred but

we cannot access the camera and its installation environment. It is not always easy to troubleshoot when we are thousands miles

away. Therefore, we genuinely need your help. It is also welcomed that you visit our Hangzhou factory and check our production

line.Thank you.


Premier Dealer’s Program: How to Become an Authorized Sunba Agent?



A. Minimum Quantity Order: 8

B. Quantity would be preferred with the multiple of 4 such as 8, 12,16,20 or above…..

C. Must have experiences with surveillance products.

D. You will be providing supports to your customers, and we will be providing supports and necessary information directly to you.


What you will enjoy

A. At least 10% off Retail Price (negotiable if you have a volume order)

B. Sunba Distributor Certificate with Your Name and Address on it

C. Paypal Protected Purchase

D. Dealer Exposure on Our Website

E. Corresponding B2B Support Resources for Troubleshooting [for parts replacement]

F. One-on-One Consultant with 12hr Guaranteed Response and Requested Phone/Facetime Support (for dealer ONLY)

G. Airplane direct delivery from our CN warehouse to USA in 7 days

Please contact for more details.


Accessories available at huge discount when ordering cameras as a dealer from us