H.264 IPC Firmware 2018.1.26 601-D20X/405-D20X



  1. Though upgrading firmware is a regular routine, there is always a certain level of risks associated with the upgrade that in worst case could cripple the Sunba IP camera. Therefore, if you are satisfied with the current performance of the camera, it is not required for you to perform the upgrade.
  2. Ensure the camera is well-powered during the firmware upgrade process. Any forms of power outage during the upgrade may damage the lens module. Keep the device powered until done! 
  3. To ensure the firmware upgrade is complete, see if you are able to log into the camera again and go to Device Config->Version and check to see if the build date of the firmware is up-to-date with the new firmware (should be 2018.1.26 in this case).

4. After the upgrade (see step 3), please power cycle the camera (please ensure the upgrade is complete before cutting the power).

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Upgrade Log: 

1. Change Main Stream/Extra Stream into Clear/Fluent.

2. Enable Push Text Notification on Smartphone app XMEye (learn HOW TO).

3. Enable Separate Day/Night display preference on Internet Explorer->Color.

4. Added Microsoft Digital Certificate to IE Plugin.

5. Reduced Night Vision Exposure for 5%.

6. Default Display in IE turns to 16:9.

7. Password Security Questions to Retrieve Password.

8. ONVIF Check Encryption Option. If this is enabled, other ONVIF software will not be able to detect your device, adding protections to your device. Many customers have complaint that ONVIF Device Manager or other 3rd party device is able to retrieve IPC information without consent. If this feature is checked, you will be protected from information leak.