My analog camera shows Black and White display only

There are generally 3 different possibilities when this occurs:

  1. First, please check the camera is in your local video format. For example, if you live in U.S.A, your local video format must be NTSC, then if you have accidentally switched the video format to PAL, the camera will display B/W image only. This may also happen after a camera default.
  2. If you have an AHD 1080P camera, and your DVR is not AHD 1080P but HD-TVI, HD-CVI or HD-SDI, then it is likely that you will see black and white image only caused by incompatibility.
  3. If you have accidentally turned the infrared on, you will see black and white images only.

Solutions correspondingly:

  1. In NTSC video zone with your camera changed to PAL, if you use Sunba’s DVR, you will see a capital P with a red cross next to it.
    You can use 95+CALL to go to camera’s OSD menu, and under “camera”, you can see the signal of the camera.To change the signal from PAL to NTSC, please use the special preset code 97+118. First, call preset 97 and then call preset 118.

    To change the signal from NTSC to PAL, please use the special preset 97+119. First, call preset 97 and then call preset 118.

  2. In this case, you will need to either return the camera or change into compatible AHD 1080P DVR (aka. AHD-H DVR).
  3. Please use preset 102+call to turn the infrared to “AUTO” mode.

TIPS: What does XX + CALL Mean? Example for 95+CALL below:
Every DVR should have a built-in PTZ control panel on the screen. With Sunba’s DVR, for example, you enter 95 in the empty preset box next to the control panel and hit “start” to call preset 95, which opens the OSD menu of the camera. The “start” button may have other names in different DVRs; it may be called “enter”, “call” or “go to” depending on the specific manufacturer you use. Please refer to the manual of your DVR if you want to learn the specific way of setting up/calling preset.

Here is a video if you don’t know how to call special presets: