I cannot add my camera to my Sunba NVR

If you have connected the camera to a TV monitor, please follow the video to add your camera: 

If you have connected the camera to PC, you need to follow the same step as our IP camera to configure the NVR’s IP address. 

You need to then install a web plugin in Internet Explorer or use our native client such as VMS or CMS for connection. 

Video Tutorial for how to use Sunba IP Camera (same process for NVR): guide.sunba.net 

If you are unable to add your camera to Sunba NVR, please check the following possibility:

  1. Please first make sure your IP camera is ONVIF.
  2. If your camera is H.265, please then make sure your IP camera is H.264 as it is a H.264 NVR so it couldn’t add H.265 IP cameras. You need to first log in to your IP camera separately to modify the record setting.
  3. Double check your camera username & password.
  4. Double check your camera ONVIF port. You may have to log in your IP camera separately to check the current ONVIF port.
  5. If you IP camera is ONVIF, please try using the default username & password of the camera for login. The ONVIF protocol of some cameras, such as Amcrest, is not encrypted. The ONVIF protocol from some other manufacturers are encrypted, meaning that you have to use the modified username & password for login.