Customization: can I request a free ceiling mount for my Sunba camera?

To ensure the variant needs of installation for different customers, Sunba also has the option of getting a ceiling mount or a wall mount for our cameras.

So the answer is a conditionally yes.

If you purchase through, please make sure you purchase through fulfilled by seller.

Note there are two listings available for our products. One is the fulfilled by amazon (usually Prime supported) and the other is seller fulfilled.

For amazon fulfilled listing with a “prime” sign next to it if you are a prime member, it means Sunba has already sent the units to amazon warehouse so that customers can enjoy the delivery experience from amazon directly. This is quite rewarding and convenient if you are a prime member. However, given amazon warehouse has already received the items, they are unable to customize the package and switch to a ceiling mount like sellers will do. They will just scan the package while receiving the order, and ship it on behalf of Sunba.

For seller fulfilled listing, customers can request a free replacement to a ceiling mount. In your specific case that amazon fulfilled option is selected, feel free to cancel this order and purchase the one listed as seller-fulfilled to exchange the ceiling mount with non-additional cost. Note, please send us a message through amazon or directly to before the shipping of the camera to ask for a ceiling mount and specify the size you wish (usually there will be a 20cm or 2cm option you can select from).

BE AWARE if you ask later for the mounts when the camera is shipped, you will have to go through the mount exchange process and be responsible for the postage of exchange.

So here are the right steps: