How to enable motion detection and email photo alerts for Sunba IP cameras?

Before you start, please make sure your camera has been upgraded to the latest firmware.

Check the “Download” section of Sunba official site or contact the support team ( with the date of your firmware version if you are uncertain.

We recommended that setting up a brand new GMAIL account for dedicated email alert receiving as time to time your email will be full of alerts that if you set the alert recipient as your regular email, it would strongly disrupt your work.

Please don’t set a phone number to associate with the gmail account and disable two-way factor authentication for this brand new account.


  1. Enable the Snap Shot Function:

Go to “Device Config” of CMS or Internet Explorer.

In CMS, open the “right click” menu and select “Device Config”.

Setting -> Record -> SnapShot

  1. Enable the Motion Detection Function:

Setting -> Alarm-> Video Motion

  1. Enable the Motion Detection Function:

Setting -> System-> NetService-> Email

If you use Gmail SMTP service, please enable the SSL. Port 465.

Note: User Name does not contain “”.

For Gmail SMTP, the following setting needs to be enabled as well:

Note: Please make sure your camera can be connected to the Internet first and the “Nat Status” is connected.

Also, please make sure the DNS is if you are using Gmail.

Please make sure the SMTP service of your email can enable third party software, otherwise you will not be able to receive email alerts from the camera.

If you notice any suspicious activity warning in your mailbox, please go to “review activity” and acknowledge that it is you otherwise the alert sending may be interrupted.