How to factory reset my Sunba IP camera?

Forget Password 

Please download the reset tool first: Reset Tool

1. Open the ResetACTool.exe.
2. Input the LAN IP of your device and send the following information to 
a. The Safety Code generated by the ResetACTool.
b. A valid Order ID.  To respect the privacy of user, we need to make sure you are the rightful owner of the device. If the camera is purchased by someone else for you an order ID cannot be provided, please provide the Serial Number of the camera.
Safety Code: 5551439088
Serial Number: 5935d7d900919d29
Safety Code: 5551439088
Order ID: 114-8558XXX-6981XXX
A. The safety code will be changed so please leave this window open.
B. To protect user privacy, you can only reset the camera locally, meaning your computer is on the same network as the camera.
3. Sunba Support Team will return the super password of the day. Please input the password and click “resetAccount” or “resetConfig” depending on your needs.
resetAccount = reset username and password. The camera will revert back to its original account as follows:
username: admin
This is recommended if you forget your password.
resetConfig = reset network information and other camera settings (parameters, record plans etc)
This is recommended if your camera is locked up.
For all other assistance or if you would prefer a reset over a TeamViewer remote session, please contact