How to get Synology NAS to record Sunba Illuminati IP camera?

There are two methods:

  1. Using Synology’s built-in surveillance station.

Note in this way, you could have Synology record all-day, by schedule, or by motion detection.

With motion detection, you can have Synology to record using the camera’s own algorithm or using Synology’s algorithm.

Below is the fundamental setup:

Make sure the camera is set to H.264 and the username and password you entered is the camera’s ONVIF username/password, which is set at Network-Advanced Settings-Integration Protocol.


2. Recording as NetHDD

Please enable the NFS protocol for your NAS.

Then please go to Shared Folder to create a folder dedicated for recording and setup the name and location. It is NOT recommended to set the entire NAS as the recording destination.

Add encryption to the shared folder.

Confirm to apply the setting for the new shared folder.

Edit user permission for the shared folder.

Now we can go to the camera’s UI.

Under Configuration-Storage-Storage Management, please go to Net HDD and add the IP address of the NAS and the corresponding file path for the “shared folder” you set above. Make sure the mounting type is SMB/CIFS. Then enter the username/password for the NAS. Click “test”.

If the test succeeds, you will see the NAS drive under “HDD Management” as “uninitialized”. This means you will have to format the space.

We select and format the drive.