How to modify the address bit of your Sunba Analog Camera?

Principle: All non-coaxial PTZ cameras on the same system must have unique address bit. If your camera can be used with a single BNC cable, then you do not have to setup address bit. 

For non-coaxial, we mean PTZ cameras that need the RS485 cable for connection.

Before changing the address bit of the camera, please first try to understand what the address bit is:

For example you have a 16CH DVR with many BNC ports on the back of DVR that can connect to 16 different analog PTZ cameras. All of them will connect to the same RS485 port to gain PTZ control. Each analog PTZ camera has an address bit, like its unique identifier. Note the default address bit of the camera is 1. This can be double-checked by cut the power of the camera, and restore it, you should see a script of Pelco D ADDR 1 shown on the screen after it finishes its self-diagnostic process.

So imagine if all 16 cameras have the same address bit of 1, if you try to move one camera, all 16 will move together because by having the same address bit, they lost the unique identifier and the DVR doesn’t know which one it should control. So if you have more than one analog PTZ camera, you should always try to modify the address bit of the second camera into any number other than 1 (normally we just go by 2, 3, 4, 5 etc for easy purpose but as long as it is not conflicting it is fine).

So if you only have one PTZ, you do not have to worry about it. With a 2nd Sunba analog camera you bought, you should start changing the address bit of it by going to its OSD menu (preset 95 + call):

You must first go to the corresponding preset control panel of your DVR (usually together with the PTZ control panel). 

The Call button from the DVR below (Sunba DVR) is named as “start”. It may be different in your DVR’s interface.

Use Up and Down arrow key to select items and use right direction key to confirm.

The 1st item in the OSD menu (see picture below) is the soft address.

Two tricks: 

  1. After you successfully modified the address bit, please reboot the camera to take effect! After you restore the power, the camera will go through the diagnostic process again and a few sec later you will see the new ADDR display on the screen.
  2. If two cameras have the same address bit, you will need to first remove one unit and modify the address of one camera each at a time, otherwise if you use preset 95+call the OSD of both cameras will be open given they have the same address bit.

FINALLY, after you changed the soft address in OSD menu, please go to the PTZ Config menu of the camera (i, and change the address recorded by the DVR to match the value you just changed.