What screws do I have to use for installing the camera?

Fundamental Standard: 
601-D20X/805-D20XB (wall bracket/Ceiling Mount) – M6
507-20XB Ceiling Mount – M4
507-20XB Wall Bracket – M6
We do not offer bolt with the camera as there are too many types available and the application is very critical and depends on where/how you would like to install the camera.
For example, many people are using the camera with their pole or corner mount that has smaller hole size as compared to the camera’s mount bracket. So you will probably need one size smaller.
Also, if you are installing the camera on wood board, you generally will choose self-tapping screws for safety concerns.
Similarly, if you are installing the camera on concrete, it is recommended to use concrete expansion bolt (or expansion anchor).
Brick walls are also different. These are the variables we are unable to control by the time of shipment.
If you need any help in selecting appropriate bolts for your specific application, we would be more than happy to offer our advice.