My Sunba analog camera doesn’t show any video


In terms of the no video issues, there are plenty of possibilities:
1. Though we’ve tested the camera before shipment, it is likely the BNC wiring tail get damaged during transportation (distinctly chopped or squeezed). In this case, we will definitely send you a replacement cable. [this happens only rarely on 301 model, whose wiring tail is separate]
2. Test the camera with another BNC cable. Sometimes the BNC cable can get short or has unstable video connection.

Try tightening or twisting the BNC RG59 connector part.

Alternatively, test the BNC cable on another analog camera you have.
3. Switch the camera to another BNC video channel on DVR. Some channel connector can be defective. It happened very very rare though.


4. If you purchased 301-3X, 405-22X or 604-22X CVBS signal and the video disappeared after using the camera for a while, please make sure the camera is still in CVBS signal, and not being accidentally transferred to AHD which will cause black screen for incompatible DVR. If this happens, you can use preset 97+117 call to revert back to CVBS signal. Please first call preset 97 immediately followed by preset 117.
5. Another possibility is also rare but worth checking. If you have an AHD DVR, it is possible the analog channels are grouped such that cameras in channel 1&2 must have same resolution, same for channel 3&4 etc because the internal structure for traditional AHD DVR has two consecutive BNC channels built on the same chip. If resolutions for cameras in channel 1&2 don’t match (e.g: channel 1 has 720p and channel 2 is 960H), one of them will lose video.


6. Camera incompatible with your DVR. Please send the model to for examination.