Sunba Analog Cameras: Underpower Issue

Different from bullet cameras and IP cameras, analog dome cameras have higher power requirements, especially when the infrared lights (night vision mode) are on. 

The camera may behave reckless if it does not receive enough power at night. So in the daytime the camera may work fine; at night time, however, the camera requires a 12V to work properly. 

Typical Symptoms when underpower: 

  1. The camera pans itself continuously 
  2. Screen flickering 
  3. Camera reboots again and again over night 

The final actual voltage arrives at the camera depends on the type of cable you use as well as its distance and initial voltage.

There is a site called “voltage drop calculator” by where you can calculate how much drop is along the specific type of AWG cable you use. If you have a meter, you can also test the voltage at the end of the camera and see whether it reaches 12.

To rule out whether the issue is really caused by power shortage, a bench test is always recommended. For a bench test, you can use the default power adapter that came with the package (without any forms of extension) to power the unit. 

If the camera works fine at the bench but not working when connected to DC extension cable, all you need to do is replace it with an AC extension cable, or replace to another DC cable with lower AWG (thicker).