Do Sunba IP cameras use DHCP or static LAN IP?

IP cameras with static LAN IP by default represent the conventional type that are used in big municipal & industrial projects for management purpose.

DHCP cameras represent IP cameras that are specific for home use.

For DHCP, the router will automatically assign an IP address to the camera that matches its subnet.

The benefits of DHCP address is you don’t have to configure the camera’s IP address upon receiving it and it is mostly plug and play.

However, every time the camera reboots or the there is a power loss/reboot for the router, the IP address of your camera will be re-assigned and most likely different from the earlier assigned one.

Therefore, the downside is your Network Video Recorder (NVR) or other recording device will mostly likely have to re-add your camera’s IP since it is changing upon any above accidents; it is not a secure way for engineering projects monitoring as important files may get lost easily.

One exception is the recording device can recognize the DHCP address of your camera. This usually only happens when your camera and NVR are from the same manufacturer.

Sunba 601-D20X and 405-D20X use static IP of as they represent the high-end cameras for project management.

The rest of Sunba cameras are DHCP configured and are primarily for home and small business application.