Using Sunba POE camera with NVR that has built-in PoE switch such as Hikvision, Dahua and Lorex

Can I use my Hikvision/Dahua/Lorex/etc non-Sunba PoE NVR for my Sunba PoE camera? Are they compatible?

Short answer is: YES if the NVR is ONVIF compliant. However, how to appropriate connect the camera with the NVR can be tricky.

We will introduce them in a few perspectives.


A. Can I connect my Sunba PoE camera directly to the back switch of the NVR?

Answer: It depends.

For PTZ cameras, note it requires the switch to support 802.3at and can thus support 30W PER PORT from the switch.

For non-PTZ cameras, such as Sunba FT-HD fixed dome, 15.4W and conventional PoE 802.3af standard can supply enough power to the camera. Most PoE NVR will be able to supply enough power to those models. Check the specification of your model for the required power of operation.

Therefore, if you purchased a Sunba PTZ camera, and your NVR is able to support 30W per port as output, then YES you can plug the camera to the back-end switch of the NVR.

If you purchased a Sunba PTZ camera, and your NVR supports only 15.4W per port as output, then NO you need to purchase a separate PoE+ 802.3at injector.


B. Plug & Play?

Answer: No.  Actually in today’s market, the built-in PoE ports from NVR are designed to ONLY support its own camera to realize plug & play fashion.

We have confirmed those with tech from Hikvision and Dahua. Here is an explanation provided by our colleague:


The internal PoE switch on standalone NVRs is configured for functioning with the same manufacturer’s cameras. So Hikvision NVRs are built for use with Hikvision IP cameras, and the same for Dahua. When you connect a IP camera to a NVR’s built-in PoE switch, there is DHCP that is taking place by logging on to the camera using the default admin user credentials, and default commands. This process is manufacturer specific. When use different manufacturer cameras, it will not happen correctly. If you have managed to get the camera connected once, but it drops, there may be issues with PoE power on that port.



If you do connect your Sunba IP camera to the built-in PoE ports from other manufacturer’s NVR, it is likely the camera won’t get configured to the network automatically.

You need to manually search and add the cameras using the corresponding protocol.


C. Do I need to change the IP address of the camera ahead of connecting to the NVR?

Answer: YES. 

If you choose to power the PoE camera separately with an injector or another PoE switch, and then connect the injector/switch side to the router (where the NVR is also connected to), you will probably be fine by just searching and adding the camera.


Otherwise, if you connect the camera and attach it to the back-switch of the NVR, you will have to modify the camera’s IP to match the NVR’s built-in NIC, instead of the router. Note the built-in switch of the NVR has its own gateway, most likely You can double check the value from NVR’s Main Menu->Network page.  Then please modify the camera’s IP to match the NVR NIC’s gateway. Then try connecting again.