Firmware for NVR-F2008PL
  • huucao

    I have several Sunba NVR-F2008PL.  The first one I got works great.  So I bought 2 more.

    One came DOA (won’t even boot up).  Got it replaced.  The replacement came acting weird after it gets a bit warm.  The mouse cursor would move and acts on its own, even after I got the mouse replaced.  Contacted Sunba and Sunba won’t replace it, but will issue me a refund.

    Still have the 2nd from the first 3 bought.  It’s now online and offline whenever it pleases.  Can’t get it to work right.  The MAC address does not match up with what my router sees.  Tried connecting through cloud using serial number, won’t work.  Tried connecting directly through ip address (with proper ports routed), still won’t work.  I can’t even keep the connection stable from a laptop next to it.  The IP scan shows it’s there, but try to add it, it says “Connect failed.  Can’t find the device”.
    This one has a firmware build date in 2016.

    The one that is working right has the firmware with a build date of 2017-06-15.  I am hoping to get the most recent firmware and see if this improves.

    When the 2nd NVR was messed up, I thought I was just unlucky and stumbled upon a rare bad unit.  Now, I see that the first time, I was actually lucky to get a working one… because the next 4 that I worked with did not work correctly for me.

    Could you guys show me where I can get the latest firmware so I can hope and pray that this one will work?  I have spent countless hours on these junk already.

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