[Manufacturer Questionnaire ] Features that should be added to Sunba PTZ camera
  • admin

    We would like to hear from our customer the type of surveillance cameras that they would want most and they are willing to consider purchasing.

    Features such as:
    Auto Tracking (Presets, Patrol, Line Cross..)
    YouTube direct broadcasting

    Please kindly share any comments.

    Features discussed the most will be considered as the priority of development.

    Thank you!

  • jeffmueller1

    Hello I purchased 507 and 601 last march 2017 on amazon and I like the day picture but both have the well known night time problem in b/w with poor focus and over exposer, using them for security reasons they are pretty much useless if you have to show police the video evidence if occurred at night time conditions, I have been in contact with tech and they did a firmware update and seemed to work but only for a few days then it actually got worse so I just unplugged it and I am using another manufactures cameras and I see that update has been pulled from your f/w menu so im not sure what I should do with these 2 cameras. I have been using security cameras in retail and home protection for over 35 yrs so I have pretty good ideas for what really matters when needing video for police evidence so I like your approach on new features but I think you really need to fix the issues of the cameras 507/601 that you are currently selling.

    best regards jeff

  • jeffmueller1

    auto tracking yes but that opens a can of worms as they say, lots of technical issues, starlight is ok if there is no movement of object or all you see is a motion blur, You tube yes I think that should be standard other cameras can do it. also consider selling or added a pir sensor as this will greatly reduce false alarms, letting users actually adj all the settings 1/2 the settings don’t even do anything in config for image adj. Just the tip of the iceberg


  • blown406

    Having the ability to auto-zoom on something that is moving and take snapshots every so often would be a really nice and useful feature.  If the camera seen movement at night for instance, it would auto zoom and auto focus as it zoomed in on the subject or animal moving and take a couple of pictures while it was doing that.  Maybe even changing the intensity of the IR lights.  Something else that would be nice is the ability to activate (turn on) LED Bluetooth lights say within 50′ of the camera.  That might also allow for better pictures at night let alone scare off the intruder if that is the case.

  • rommelc2004us

    It will be nice to have Audio IN/OUT and subject tracking in PTZ.

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