CCTV Audio Monitoring Equipment Test
  • Skywalker

    I am opening this topic as I would like to test out a few microphones to see how it works with Sunba 601-D20X for broadcasting purposes.

    I’ve already found that amazon doesn’t have dedicated CCTV conference level microphones to select, only those ordinary microphones for surveillance purposes..including the Sunba Outdoor Microphone MIC-700. Good for surveillance but bad for broadcasting.

    For broadcasting, I am picking up microphones from 2 manufacturers:

    1. Fenghuo: English name is PeakFire…couldn’t find any English info but it is widely used in China. They have a Taobao (Alibaba) store for 2C customers:

    2. Sizheng:

    Sizheng also has an AliExpress store:

    They have 2C online stores in China but there is almost nothing listed in the store.


    I left a message to a Sizheng representative and see if he would respond so that I can buy this one in China for testing:


    For the Fenghuo microphone, I think I am gonna go with this model: BM-K-5  

    It is dual-track and the sales person told me it has strong noise reduction capacity.

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  • Skywalker

    Ok will add another mic into test, which is a Shuangsheng microphone we purchased 2 years ago.

    Outdoor and I almost forgot about its performance. It is not cheap and costs 160 CNY ($24)..

    I think it might be the OEM work of a large manufacturer as I found nothing about Shuangsheng.

  • Skywalker

    Already purchased the BM-K-5  model from Fenghuo. It should arrive tomorrow.

    I am expecting to test the audio pickup quality next week.

    I am in touch with the sales representative from SiZheng as well. For purchasing dedicated CCTV microphone, you will have to contact individual sales representative, and explain your needs in detail…which seems to be a conventional way of doing business. Not for me…I wish I could see all specs myself and learn by myself…I will ask questions whenever I need. Though they said they could provide free samples to me, I am holding to see the results from both K5 and the outdoor microphone I purchased back in 2016. Now it costs 135CNY. The price appears to be dropped.

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